Aviation Security Company Limited (AVSECO) has been a leading provider of aviation security and related services since its inception. Based at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), AVSECO employs around 4,500 personnel, where the company's primary role is the provision of Aviation Security services to safeguard the travelling public and civil aviation operations at HKIA.


safeguard the travelling public
and civil aviation operations

AVSECO provides a wide range of services including aircraft security services, boarding gate security controls, access controls and guarding services to various facilities operators at HKIA, together with X-ray screening of cargo and mail, aircrew screening, passenger profiling, permit controls and consultancy services.

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Mr. Jacob CHEUNG

Director's Message

I would like to extend a welcome to the AVSECO web site. The Company has been providing a first class aviation security service at Hong Kong’s International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, since it opened in 1998. As the airport has seen amazing growth over the years, AVSECO has gone from strength to strength and has established itself as an aviation security provider with a worldwide reputation. We are fully committed to enhancing our services to the travelling public to ensure their security, and providing a consistently high standard of service to our customers in the airport community.

As Executive Director of the Company I recognise the critical part played by our staff who, through their continuous effort and dedication, have established AVSECO’s global reputation. It is my intention in the coming years to concentrate on developing our workforce to ensure that the Company’s staff can pursue an active and rewarding career in aviation security with opportunities provided for self-improvement and development.

The threats against civil aviation are real and ongoing. Events over recent years have shown that terrorists around the world are constantly probing and testing new methods of attack, be they against passenger aircraft, airports, cargo freighters or other commercial aviation facilities. All AVSECO staff, as aviation security specialists, form the front line of defense for civil aviation operating out of Hong Kong and I know that I can trust them to remain vigilant and to give of their best.

Mr. Jacob CHEUNG

Mr. Jacob CHEUNG

Executive Director
Aviation Security Company Limited


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