Safety Policy

The Company protects the Health & Safety of its staff and customers through the routine and effective implementation of its Safety Management System.

AVSECO safety specialists regularly conduct, report and follow-up 'Job Hazards Analysis' and 'Risk Assessments' in order to ensure the early stage detection, identification, control and eradication of actual and potential hazards.

We systematically plan for; conduct and report scheduled safety audits, inspections and observations in the workplace in a never-ending effort to prevent complacency by anyone in relation to workplace safety.

The Company conducts regular safety training to help all staff to maintain high levels of safety awareness and to also help develop staff capability when implementing essential safety control measures. All new staff are formally inducted into the safety system upon joining the Company.

AVSECO operates under a 'Safety First' approach in the workplace, where we encourage all of our staff to actively participate by implementing pro-active safety measures and providing constructive feedback to management.

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Processes

ICAO Safety Management Manual

The AVSECO Safety Management System (SMS) complies with requisite elements in the ICAO Safety Management Manual as applicable to AVSEC service providers. The SMS also fully complies with all other relevant statutory, regulatory and advisory criteria at both national and international level.

Behavioural Based Safety + 5-S Safety Programme

The Company has implemented Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) and 5-S Safety Programme practices, which identify and prevent readily avoidable hazards and help achieve "Zero Accident" work environments. With a "No Name, No Blame, No Punishment" culture and good quality environment, the Company's own Safety Coordinators conduct routine safety observations to assess appropriate corrective and preventive actions.