31st Green Power Hike 2024

Company Event

In advocating a greener environment and promoting a healthier lifestyle, AVSECO has continuously supported the Green Power and participated in the “31st Green Power Hike” on 13 January 2024.   A group of 42 runners from AVSECO, led by Mr. Jacob CHEUNG, Executive Director, participated in the 10-kilometer and 25-kilometer events for the “Aviation and Airport Services Cup”.  Participating staff are fully prepared before the competition, actively trained focusing on physical fitness and endurance.  Moreover, a well-planned strategy was also devised, emphasizing teamwork, mutual support and maintaining high morale as well as achieving good results in the competition.  This year, 12 staff won the Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up respectively in the "10km race" for the first time, achieving the best results in history. 

Relevant Photos