March 2019
Lecturing ICAO AVSEC Instructor Course in Seoul ASTC

From 12 to 20 March 2019, SM OPS II TRA Gordon Ma conducted lecturing duties for an ICAO AVSEC Instructor Course arranged by and conducted in Seoul Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC), attended by 11 Korean trainees.  The smoothly conducted lecture was well received by all trainees and Seoul ASTC.

February 2019
AVSECO attendance at the 6th Europe-Asia Pacific Aviation Forum
Paris, France 25 – 26 February 2019

AED OPS I Mr. Ken Yeung, AED OPS II Ms. Cecilia Yeung as well as AED HR & TRG Mr. Duncan McCosh recently represented AVSECO in Paris France at the 6th Europe-Asia Pacific Aviation Forum organized jointly by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and the Singapore Ministry of Transport.

The two day gathering at the ECAC Offices in the West of Paris saw a wide range of contemporary aviation security issues discussed whilst Mr. McCosh was given the opportunity to present an overview of challenges in security training with the significant operational and logistical enhancements being faced by the HKIA in the next few years being highlighted.  Mr. McCosh’s description of the aligned training challenges raised considerable interest amongst conference delegates who were drawn from over forty countries from the European and Asia Pacific aviation communities.  Other conference session themes presented interesting issues for the Hong Kong delegates to relate back to the local Chek Lap Kok context with the evolution of threats and risks, technology and innovation, security culture and staff motivation as well as drones, cyber security and disruptive technologies all issues with relevance to challenges impacting airports in this region.

Certainly this gathering of aviation security practitioners coming from state regulatory bodies, operational frontline service providers as well as experts from the general aviation industry made for very proactive and rewarding discussions over the two days.

February 2019

The IATA AVSEC WORLD 2019 was held in Miami, Florida from 26 to 28 February. Executive Director, Mr. Raymond LAU led an eight-member delegation including AED OS, Mr. B.Y. CHIU and SM EU&OS, Mr. Clive Howard. 

The busy conference programme highlighted the varied challenges to global aviation security. International speakers and panelists shared insights into important current issues that are pertinent to AVSECO operations. Key themes included intelligence collection and analysis, information sharing between authorities and stakeholders, the latest advances in security-related technology, countermeasures for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS or drones), passenger identification pre-clearance and differential screening for seamless travel, and innovations in the mitigation of the insider and cyber security threats. The event also offered an excellent opportunity to strengthen the Company’s AVSEC international network and professional relationships with fellow security specialists.

February 2019
CPCT Zero Injury Award 2018

On 21 February, the Company has the honour to receive the ‘Zero Injury Award 2018’ from Cathay Pacific Services Ltd. in recognition of TRA Division’s efforts to achieve zero work injury at the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal.  The award symbols the Company and our business partners’ work in cultivating a good occupational safety and health culture and ensuring the workers’ safety

February 2019
Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility (RACSF) Training Programme

In order to assist the logistics industry in making application to become a Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility (RACSF), Aviation Security Company Limited will launch a one-day RACSF Training Programme which must be successfully completed by two Nominated Persons of each company before it can be accepted by CAD as a RACSF. For details of this programme, please see .“Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility (RACSF) Training Programme”
January 2019
Airfield and Baggage Hall Safety Campaign 2018

The Prize Presentation Ceremony of the Airport Authority’s "Airfield & Baggage Hall Safety Campaign 2018" was held at the HKIA Tower on 22 January 2019. In the Safety Poster Design Competition, Security Officer Mr. Lee Wai Cheong of Baggage Screening Division was named champion and both Security Officer Mr. Lam Tsi Fung and Security Supervisor Ms. Wong Mei Fan of Baggage Screening Division won the 2nd Runner Up. In the Safety Proposal Competition, Chief Security Inspector Ms. Lam Yin of Baggage Reconciliation Division was the 2nd Runner Up. AVSECO won a total of 9 awards in the Safety Campaign and Executive Director Mr. Lau Chi Keung took the opportunity to congratulate all AVSECO awardees for their good work and high standard of safety awareness.

January 2019
26th Green Power Hike 2019  

In advocating a greener environment and promoting a healthier lifestyle, AVSECO has continuously supported Green Power and participated in the “26th Green Power Hike” on 12 January 2019. Under the lead of the Executive Director Mr. Raymond LAU, a total of 16 runners participated, which is the highest number of runners ever participated by AVSECO. 2019 also saw the runners increase in diversity, with management level and female staff member participating in the 10 kilometre and 25 kilometre “Aviation and Airport Services Cup”. 

A vigorous internal try-out was held in November 2018 to select the best athletes from  Divisions to represent the Company. Selected staffs then underwent intense training, and strategic planning to prepare for the hike. The encouraging, supporting and comradery atmosphere allowed AVSECO to secure 1st Runner Up in the 10 kilometre event.

November 2018
2018 civil aviation industry friendly soccer match of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

The Airport Authority of Zhuhai arranged a soccer match, namely the ‘2018 civil aviation industry friendly soccer match of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao’ on 24th November 2018. . Eight teams from Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau took part. One team represented CAD, Hong Kong Airlines and AVSECO while another Hong Kong team was formed by staff of the Hong Kong Airport Authority.  Headed by DED OPS II, Nelson Lui, four AVSECO officers participated in the event. After an exciting and tense competition, Hong Kong Airport Authority secured the championship.  The event enhanced our relationship with local counterparts and those from Zhuhai and Macao.

November 2018
AVSEC 2018
ICAO Global Aviation Security Symposium

The Annual ICAO Global Aviation Security Symposium (AVSEC 2018) was held in Montreal between 26 – and 28 November this year.  Forming part of the Mainland Chinese delegation were representatives from Hong Kong including officials from the Civil Aviation Department and AVSECO’s DED OPS I, Mr. CHEUNG Tak-keung, DED OPS II, Mr. LUI Hon-kwok and AED HR & Training, Mr. Duncan McCosh.

With the Symposium’s programme clearly outlining the varied challenges currently facing global aviation, Symposium speakers and panelists gave participants some very clear insights into the strategies being pursued by ICAO, as well as individual member states in response.  The importance of risk awareness protocols, the development of security culture, implementation of quality control and oversight, continuous introduction of capacity building, as well as pursuit of technology and innovation were key themes underpinning the keen dialogue which went on throughout the event.  The discussions presented a range of issues that are pertinent to AVSECO’s daily operations.  The Symposium also offered an excellent opportunity for networking with AVSECO participants reinforcing several existing working relationships as well as making fresh contacts with other event participants.

September 2018
Name : Ms. YEUNG Kai-fei, Cecilia
Position : AED (OPS II)

Ms. Cecilia Yeung was seconded from the Customs and Excise Department to AVSECO as Assistant Executive Director (Operations II) for a period of two years starting from 29 September 2018.  Ms. Yeung has over 20 years’ experience in the Customs field, which covers air cargo operations, infrastructure project planning, revenue fraud investigation and legislation matters.  Apart from that, she also possesses sound knowledge in respect of trade facilitation as she was seconded to the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau as Assistant Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development between 2012 and 2013.  She is committed to make contributions to the aviation security of Hong Kong.

July 2018
Name: Mr. LUI Hon-kwok, Nelson
Position: DED (OPS-II)

Mr. LUI Hon-kwok, Nelson, was appointed as the Deputy Executive Director (Operations II) on 9 July 2018 by the AVSECO Board of Directors.  Before joining the Company, he has worked in the Police Force for over 31 years and retired at the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police.  Mr. LUI is no stranger to the airport community and has previously served as the District Commander of Airport Police District between 2007 and 2009.  He is committed to working together with the Senior Management of the Company with a view to utilizing his operational and management experience to benefit aviation security at the Hong Kong International Airport.

July 2018
Name: Mr. Duncan Stuart McCosh
Position: AED (HR & TRG)

Mr. Duncan Stuart McCosh joined the Company on 16 March 2018 as Assistant Executive Director (HR and Training).  Mr. McCosh is a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police with over 32 years’ experience with the Hong Kong Police Force.  During the course of Mr. McCosh’s policing career he enjoyed a wide range of operational, training and management positions.

April 2018
Airport Safety Recognition Scheme 2017/18
A presentation ceremony for the "Airport Safety Recognition Scheme 2017/18" was organized by the Airport Authority on 17 April at the Airport Regal Hotel. For the second time, AVSECO was awarded the Airport Authority "Corporate Safety Performance Award". In addition, 9 AVSECO staff received awards in the "Accident Prevention Measures" and "Good Safety Suggestion" categories. Executive Director, Mr. Raymond Lau Chi Keung took the opportunity to thank AVSECO awardees for their good work and high standard of safety awareness.

February 2018
Airports Council International (ACI) Surveys

The Quarterly ACI “Airport Service Quality” Survey takes passengers feedback on services at airport, amongst other things, in 4 security related areas i.e. courtesy and helpfulness of security staff; thoroughness of security inspection; waiting time; and felling of being safe and secure.  Passenger rating is given on a scale of 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent).  AVSECO has all along maintained a very satisfactory score in past years.  In 2017, AVSECO scored an average of 4.73 in the year which is the highest so far. The record high rating reflected that services delivered by our front-line staff were well received and recognized by the travelling public.   

February 2018
25th Green Power Hike (2018)

In continuous support of the Green Power’s meaningful Environmental Education Project 25th Hike (2018), two teams of eight runners from AVSECO participated in the 10 km Aviation and Airport Services Cup on 3 February 2018.

Preparation for the competition commenced as early as October 2017 with active support from an enthusiastic working group and runners from various operations Divisions (AAD, ASD, BSD, PSD II & TAD). Following months of serious training, strategic planning and encouragement from the Executive Director Mr. Raymond LAU, the unprecedented and victorious AVSECO finally landed with the two teams claiming the 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up Trophies.

January 2018
Airfield and Baggage Hall Safety Campaign 2017

The Prize Presentation Ceremony of the “Airfield and Baggage Hall Safety Campaign 2017” was held at the HKIA Tower by the Airport Authority on 9 January 2018. Security Officer Mr. Lee Wai Cheong of Baggage Screening Division and Mr. Liu Man Tong of Airfield Access Division won the champion and 2nd Runner-up of the “Safety Message Design on Mobile Phone Case / Water Bottle Competition” respectively. Security Supervisor Mr. Leung Tsz Ho of Baggage Reconciliation Division won the 1st Runner-up in the “Safety Proposal Competition”. Including the above 3 named security staff, AVSECO won a total of 9 awards in the Safety Campaign. Executive Director Mr. Lau Chi Keung took the opportunity to thank all AVSECO awardees and participants for their good work in particular their high standard of safety awareness.