Airport Security Programme
Workshop helps managers to share and to brainstorm ideas related to airport security programmes
Cargo Security
Teaches managers how to apply security preventive measures to handle cargo, courier and express parcels and mail
Crisis Management
Provides airport security managers with necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage crises
Instructors Certification
Provides the necessary tools to AVSEC experts with Instructor skills to conduct ICAO AVSEC training
Instructors (National)
Trains AVSEC staff to present specialised AVSEC training courses using validated training materials
National Civil Aviation Security Quality Control Programme Workshop (NCASQCP)
Participants will familiarize themselves with Annex 17, Amendment 11 as it relates to quality control and the general principles of quality control as they relate to AVSEC
National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme Workshop (NCASTP)
Using the ICAO template participants will be provided with an opportunity to develop a draft NCASTP based on the organization and legal authority of their State. This is a highly interactive workshop
National Inspectors
Provides managers with the knowledge and skills to organise, plan and conduct a security audit or inspection
Quality Control Workshop
Provides managers with knowledge and skills to organise, plan and maintain Quality Control Programmes
Screener Certification
Workshop helps to share and brainstorm ideas related to AVSEC screening
Trains airport security supervisors to supervise the application of airport security preventive measures